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Business Law

As a business law attorney, I’m experienced in providing legal services to family-owned and closely-held businesses in a variety of industries. I help founders and partners navigate all stages of their business’s life cycle – from formation to liquidation or dissolution. I work closely with my clients to fully understand their business and to develop a full understanding of the challenges they face. My goal with each client is to establish a long-term, mutually-trusting relationship – where I’m considered as an outside business partner or an extension of their own management team.

My Experience

I believe that a great client relationship is measured by how little time you spend worrying about legal issues, and how much time you can invest in growing your business.

In addition to my legal specialties, I have owned and operated multiple businesses throughout the years, including underground construction, contractor, manufacturing, golf course operation, and others.

Business Planning

Formation/Midlife/Dissolution; Start-up issues, Capitalization, Stakeholder Agreements, Lease Agreements, Growth, Succession, Acquisition, Managing wind-down and Dissolution issues.

Business Litigation

Contract Disputes, Business Disputes, Collection Matters, Partner Disputes.

Business Transactions

Purchase and Sale of Assets, Divisions, Subsidiaries, Managing Credit and Creditors, Financing issues, Severance and Separation issues, Stakeholder Transition issues.

Construction Law

Construction Law is one of my primary areas of business law expertise. I advise general contractors, construction managers, subcontractors and material suppliers on construction law matters. I understand the construction business and have experience navigating clients through government regulations to get projects completed efficiently and cost effectively.


Specific areas where I help my clients:

  • Drafting & Negotiating Construction Contracts
  • Protecting Payments (ensuring my clients receive full payment as promised)
  • Reviewing Construction Proposals
  • Submitting Construction Claims

Looking for help with a construction matter? Reach out to me if you…

  • need to follow local, state, or federal regulations
  • need to draft a contract
  • need to review a contract
  • need a permit
  • are concerned about environmental regulations
  • need government approval/permission
  • are hosting a town hearing
  • need to create any legal document to supplement your project
  • are concerned about lawsuits (filing, or being filed against)
  • are having a dispute with your employer
  • are having a dispute with your employee
  • are planning a new project
  • are in the middle of a project
  • are completing a project

Even if you just have a question, consider me to be a resource to learn more about construction law. After an initial consult, we can decide if there’s a fit for me to take the lead on your company’s legal matters.

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